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Our Harrisonburg solar consultants are Virginia locals who will help you get a free quote, and work with you on the installation and setup process from start to finish. Solar power is a great way to save on electricity bills, enjoy backup power during power outages, and take advantage of temporary solar incentives offered to Harrisonburg residents. We look forward to providing you with a free quote and consultation on going solar at your property.

Why Solar Power?

Solar power is a uniquely renewable resource. Whenever the sun shines, you could be harnessing its power and helping reduce your dependence on fossil fuels. Photovoltaic solar panels are a low-maintenance way of utilizing sunshine to provide electricity to your home or business. Plus, with Virginia’s solar incentives, tax credits, and net-metering, you’ll be able to get a great deal for going solar. 

Types of Solar Power

One way to install solar panels is to wire them so that any excess energy produced flows into the local utility grid. This type of installation is the easiest way to get started in solar energy, and is called a grid-tied solar panel system. Or, solar panels can be hooked up to high-capacity lead-acid or lithium-ion batteries. Solar panels charge these batteries, and that stored power can be used during the night or during emergencies for backup power. Solar arrays can be used in the city, or in remote locations for everyday power needs, or just during emergencies.

How We Can Help

Solar power can be a confusing world to get into. There are various types of solar panels, inverters, battery banks, and integration with local utility companies. Energy use must be calculated, and tax incentives navigated. Our local solar consultants look forward to helping you get a simple start to your journey by providing a free quote. Once you decide solar is right for you, our professional Harrisonburg solar installers get you set up and answer any questions you may have on maintenance and beyond. Call or email us today to get started and compare quotes from our Harrisonburg solar installers!


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Our Solar Services

Solar Panel Installation

Installing solar panels on your land, house, or commercial building in Harrisonburg, VA is a great way to reduce energy bills, your carbon footprint, and enjoy peace of mind during power outages. Call us for a free estimate on how many solar panels you may need, the best location to install them, and professional solar panel installation services.

Solar Batteries

If you want to rely on solar power at night, during cloudy weather, or during utility grid blackouts, you’ll need a reliable solar battery bank. Solar batteries are either lead-acid, like the kind in your car, or lithium-ion, like the kind in your phone. These high-capacity batteries store solar power for use in emergencies or during periods of low solar-output.

Solar Panel Maintenance

Photovoltaic solar panel arrays require very little maintenance. They should be routinely checked for damage, and any moving parts should be inspected yearly. In addition, to maximize power production, dust, pollution, pollen, and bird droppings can be gently washed off them if the rain cannot clear the panels of this debris. A light cleaning with lukewarm water and a soft cloth is often all that is needed to make solar panels sparkle again.

Grid-Tied Solar Systems

A grid-tied solar panel system is a great way for the average homeowner to get into solar. By working with your utility company, a grid tied system sends any excess energy produced into the power grid. When your solar panels aren’t producing much energy, you can draw from the power grid. Whatever the net result is, you either pay for the energy used, or your power company pays you for the power your panels produced.

Off Grid Solar Systems

If you have a remote vacation home, an off-grid solar system may be perfect for you! Off-grid solar systems use solar panel arrays and high-capacity battery banks to provide 24/7 energy to the property. We can provide a free quote that takes into account monthly usage and energy needs so you will be confident your solar system will provide plenty of electricity.

Solar Backup Generator

Solar generators are also known as power stations. They are a portable lithium-ion or lithium-ion-phosphate power storage solution. Even though they can be charged in a variety of ways, what makes them unique is how they have a solar-power charging port. This allows them to be charged using any compatible portable or permanent solar panels.

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