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If you have been curious about how to add a solar panel system to your home or business, or wanted to know how much it might cost, or were looking for advice on how many panels and batteries you need, our experienced, professional, and friendly Lynchburg solar consultants are here to help! Solar panel installation is a great step towards reducing your carbon footprint, and we look forward to helping you make informed decisions along the way!

Why Choose Us?

We are a local, Virginia-based solar company, with some of the best solar panel installers in Lynchburg, VA. Our installers are familiar with all kinds of systems and can help with any solar project you have – big or small, residential or commercial, grid-tied or off-grid. Services we provide quotes for include:

  • Residential Solar Panels
  • Commercial Solar Installations
  • Off-Grid Solar Power
  • Grid-Tied System
  • Solar Generator
  • Solar Battery Backup Bank

Whether you are looking to reduce your electric bill, or need solar power to provide 100% of your power needs, we can provide creative solutions and quality options. Our quotes will cover everything you need in your solar panel installation. When you’re ready to move forward, our skilled installers in Lynchburg will place and secure long-lasting, durable photovoltaic solar panels that help harness the power of the sun to produce clean energy for your building.

Homes and Businesses

Solar Installation Consulting provides free quotes and consultations to properties throughout Lynchburg, VA and the surrounding areas. Anyone who is interested in reducing their carbon footprint, or their utility bill, will benefit from looking into solar energy. There are also currently great tax incentives that help new customers install solar panels at a lower cost. To take advantage of these, and see how much you can save, get in touch with our knowledgeable team!

Reliable Power

Solar energy is endlessly renewable. Any time solar panels are hooked into an energy system, they can be providing power. When panels are tied in with high-capacity batteries, they can also be a source of backup power when local power grids are down. They can even be used to charge compatible power stations. Whenever the sun is shining, solar panels can be producing energy for all your electricity needs!


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Our Solar Services

Solar Panel Installation

Our Lynchburg solar panel installers complete installations in a professional manner for both residential and commercial clients. Adding a solar panel system to your building is a great investment. It will improve your energy efficiency, increase resale value, and produce green energy. They can also provide backup power during blackouts.

Solar Batteries

Solar systems can be integrated with lead-acid or lithium-ion batteries to store the extra energy they produce. This electricity can then be used during periods of low solar power production – like during the night, or stormy weather. Solar batteries can be used in completely off-grid solar setups or with grid-tied systems to create a “hybrid system”.

Solar Panel Maintenance

The care and cleaning necessary for solar panel arrays is minimal, making them incredibly low maintenance. Photovoltaic arrays are made with durable tempered glass and strong metal supports. To stay sparking, usually all they need is rain, or a light cleaning. We recommend having a professional check electrical connections and moving parts once a year.

Grid-Tied Solar Systems

Tax incentives and net-metering help homeowners get started with solar. By integrating the solar array with the local power grid, homeowners are able to enjoy the best of both worlds – green energy and constant power without expensive batteries. Excess energy is sent to your local utility company, and you receive credits for the power your panels produce.

Off Grid Solar Systems

If you have a remote home, solar power and battery banks can provide for your energy requirements! Off-grid solar systems work independently of the local power grid. To utilize all of the electricity produced by solar panels, high-capacity batteries are used to store the power. We can help calculate how many panels and batteries your property will need.

Solar Backup Generator

A solar backup generator is a specialty power station that can be charged using solar panels. Both fold-away and many rooftop solar panels can be used to charge these portable, high-capacity, backup batteries. These generators are safe to use inside and store electricity to power key electronics during blackouts and power outages.

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