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When business and homeowners in Manassas, VA want to go solar, our professional team helps them get started with confidence! Solar power can be integrated seamlessly with existing power systems, and used in both residential and commercial applications. Whether you are interested in a grid-tied, hybrid, or 100% off-grid solar panel system, our knowledgeable and experienced solar installers do it all.

Why Choose Us?

Solar Installation Consulting is a Virginia-based company providing renewable energy solutions to residents throughout Manassas, VA. Our competitive quotes, and local solar know-how ensure you are getting the best deal for your solar installation. Reach out to us today to get a free quote on any of these solar panel systems:

  • Residential Solar Panel Installation
  • Commercial Solar Panels
  • Off-Grid Solar Power
  • Grid-Tied System
  • Solar Generator
  • Solar Battery Backup Bank

Our team starts with a site visit and discussion about what you are hoping to get from your solar panels, and then prepares customized solutions for your needs. We work with you to determine what kind of solar panels, batteries, and system will work best to fulfill your energy needs. If you are curious about tax credits and how to take advantage of current solar incentives, we can also go over these programs with you!

Solar Energy Systems

Because solar power is created by converting sunshine into electricity, energy output from solar panels is highest during the day. For this reason, solar panel systems often integrate batteries or some other way of harnessing excess energy produced during peak sunshine hours. This stored electricity can be used when it is dark or during emergencies. If a battery bank is too expensive of an option, grid-tied systems allow homeowners to send the energy produced into the power grid and earn credits towards their electric bill.

Reasons to Consider Solar

Solar power is a great way to reduce dependence on fossil fuels, reduce your carbon footprint, increase the value of your building, and reduce utility bills. Whether you choose to install grid-tied rooftop solar panels, or outfit your cabin with an off-grid solar panel setup, you’ll know you are making a green choice.

Call us for a free consultation! We look forward to answering any questions you have and providing a free quote to install solar panels at your home or business.

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Our Solar Services

Solar Panel Installation

Our professional solar panel installers in Manassas install high-quality and efficient panels for both residential and commercial properties. Each property is unique and we want to find the best solar solution for you! Whether you have vacant land, a remote cabin, or a large business, our solar installers will provide excellent service and quality solutions!

Solar Batteries

To fully utilize electricity produced by solar panels, they can be integrated with high-capacity batteries. These batteries store surplus energy produced by the panels during periods of high production. This energy can then be used during cloudy weather, during the night, or drawn on during emergencies. Solar batteries ensure you always have backup power.

Solar Panel Maintenance

Solar systems are quite easy to take care of and maintain.  Because they are installed at an angle, any dirt, dust, and pollen is washed off by rain. Checking connections and moving parts once a year is recommended, as well as a light wash now and then to remove stubborn debris. This will keep your system functioning well for decades.

Grid-Tied Solar Systems

Manassas homeowners can reduce their utility bill using net metering. Rooftop solar panels that are integrated with the local power grid allow homeowners to take advantage of solar power during the day and use reliable energy from their utility company during the night, all while receiving a credit for any excess energy produced by their solar panels.

Off Grid Solar Systems

Houses and buildings in an area without a power grid can greatly benefit from a solar array. Off-grid systems employ high-capacity battery banks to store electricity to provide for household energy needs both day and night. Solar power can be used alone or in conjunction with other energy production systems like wind energy.

Solar Backup Generator

Enjoy clean, quiet, and reliable backup power from sunlight. A solar generator is also called a power station. What makes it unique is its solar panel charging port. Solar power stations can be charged using either portable solar panels or by most rooftop solar panels. These large-capacity battery backups provide power for essential items during power outages.

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