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Want to add solar panels, but don’t know where to start?

There are so many great reasons to go solar. There are the tax credits, lowered electricity bills, backup power, and it’s good for the earth. However, it can feel daunting to try and get started. Our Richmond solar consultants are here to help! We provide free advice and consultations for both commercial and residential projects. We’ll help you know things like how many solar panels you may need for your energy needs, whether a grid-tied system is right for you, and how many solar batteries you’ll need for a battery bank that will provide peace of mind during power outages.

Why choose our Richmond, VA solar company?

We are based right here in Virginia. Our professional consultants take pride in providing great customer service, and local solar knowledge that a national company may not be able to provide. We offer a wide-range of consulting services, and provide competitive quotes, at no charge to you. Call us for a free estimate on any of the following:

  • Residential Solar Panel Installation
  • Commercial Solar Panels
  • Off-Grid Solar Energy System
  • Grid-Tied System
  • Solar Generator
  • Solar Battery Backup Bank

If you’re curious about incorporating solar into your home or business in Richmond, VA, reach out to us today. We look forward to providing a quote that will work with your budget, power requirements, and provide you with a valuable solar investment tax credit.

Various types of solar setups

All solar power installations have the same basic setup – solar panels, an inverter to convert the electricity, and some kind of power storage.

Grid-tied solar systems use the utility company’s power grid as “power storage” and send any excess energy the panels make into it. You receive credits for the power given to the grid, and save money by not needing to buy batteries to store the excess power.

Off-grid solar energy systems are ideal for remote locations, and use solar panels to charge high-capacity battery banks that the building can draw from anytime, day and night.

Solar generators are a standalone technology that is basically a large battery that also has standard wall plugs included. It allows you to power key electrical appliances and devices during outages, with clean, renewable energy, without having to run a noisy generator.


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Our Solar Services

Solar Panel Installation

Going solar at your home or business in Richmond VA can help you earn Solar Renewable Energy Credits from your utility company. Our professional solar installers design and install arrays that will help you take advantage of Virginia solar incentives. We provide free quotes on solar installation costs!

Solar Batteries

Energy storage is one of the key parts of a solar energy setup. If you want to be able to have solar power 24 hours a day, the energy produced will need to be stored in high-capacity batteries. These batteries are usually either lead-acid or lithium-ion depending on your particular needs.

Solar Panel Maintenance

While a solar panel system represents some of the latest technology in clean energy, they actually require very little ongoing maintenance. It’s a good idea to have solar panels checked for damage, have any moving parts inspected, and check performance once a year. Other than that, a light cleaning may be required every once in a while.

Grid-Tied Solar Systems

A grid tied solar panel system is the easiest way of going solar. Richmond residents have the option to install solar panels on their home, and have the power integrated with the local grid. In exchange for sharing extra solar energy, residents receive credits under solar power purchase agreements. These are calculated using net metering, and help reduce electric bills.

Off Grid Solar Systems

An off grid solar system can be paired with other energy solutions, like gas generators and wind turbines, or used by itself to power the property. Often used at remote locations without access to grid power, solar energy is a great way to keep the lights on with a clean source of renewable energy. Call us for a free quote on your off grid solar power project!

Solar Backup Generator

During blackouts, solar panels can provide clean, quiet energy that your family can rely on. Solar generators come in several different sizes and can power key components in your home. If you don’t want to install rooftop panels, or have a large solar array, a solar generator is a great way to provide peace of mind without being dependent on fossil fuels.

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