Solar Panel Installation

Solar Panel Installation

Knowledgeable Solar Consultants in Virginia

Installing solar panels is the first step in setting up your solar energy system. Our local solar installers are skilled and experienced in setting up the solar equipment that will help reduce your energy costs, produce green energy, and provide other benefits like backup power during blackouts.

Residential Solar Panel Installation

Roof-mounted solar panels are a common residential method of installing solar energy. They integrate seamlessly, take up no extra space and are situated perfectly to absorb sunlight. Solar panels can boost your home’s resale value as well as reduce energy costs immediately. Your solar installer can provide options and solutions for your particular roof style, ideal system size, and electricity needs.

Commercial Solar Panel Installation

Commercial solar systems are often roof mounted, as well, but there are many innovations being used for commercial spaces that your local solar installer can discuss with you. Solar panel awnings, facades, carports, and many other creative solutions allow businesses to install solar panels in under-utilized locations and creatively harness solar power.

Install Solar Panels on Open Land

Open land can be a great location to install solar panels. With ground-mounted solar panels, you’ll be able to take advantage of solar energy throughout the day by using tracking mechanisms that will orient solar panels in the optimal way to capture sunlight.


How Long Will a Solar System Last?

Solar panels are a relatively new technology. Some of the oldest residential solar panels were installed in the 1980’s and are still providing valuable energy. Solar panels come with warranties on manufacturing, level of output, and are guaranteed for at least 10 years, by which time they have usually paid for themselves. Solar installation contractors also provide guarantees and warranties for the labor of installing solar panels. The good news is, we are seeing solar panels long outlive their warranties and continue to provide electricity and benefit.

Solar Panel Installation Costs

Save time and money by reaching out to our solar installation consultants. We provide free quotes on the overall cost to add solar panels at your home, business, or land. With our headache-free process, and local installers, you’ll know upfront how much a solar panel system will cost for you, get the best price, and receive service from the best local contractors who have years of experience installing solar panels.

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Solar Incentives

There are many reasons to go solar. Virginia solar installers are helping business and homeowners use less electricity, increase energy efficiency, and take advantage of incentives every day.

Tax Incentives

Homeowners are being encouraged to purchase solar installations through the federal solar tax credit. PV (photovoltaic solar panel) installations that were installed between 2017-2024 are eligible for tax credits, which reduce your tax burden.

Reduce Energy Bills

By producing energy at your home, you’ll reduce your dependency on your local utility company, and be able to give back to the electrical grid. There are a variety of setups that your solar panel system can have that affect how the electricity produced is used and where it goes. But with every option, you’ll see reduced energy costs and tax credits for increasing efficiency.

Green Power Backup

Solar energy systems with a battery bank provide energy to your building during blackouts. These systems, often known as solar+storage, provide peace of mind to home and business owners. They also help provide distributed energy that allows for quicker bouncebacks from power outages.