Solar Panel Maintenance

Maximize Efficiency with Regular Solar Panel Maintenance

Solar System Maintenance and Cleaning

A solar power system is a great way to reduce your electricity bill and carbon footprint. However, you may be concerned about the amount of maintenance and upkeep solar panels will require. The good news is that to keep solar panels working the way they should, they don’t require much maintenance at all! Your solar panel manufacturer and local installer will provide a specific guide for your solar system maintenance. Here are some basics to get you started.

Cleaning Solar Panels

Because they are such an advanced technology, you may think that solar panels need maintenance that is intensive and frequent. However, solar panels usually need very little care – periodic checks that they are secure and aren’t damaged, and some light cleaning is often all they require.

Solar panels are installed at an angle (as little as 5º!) that facilitates them being washed by the rain, and that is often all they need for years. It all depends on your climate and environment, though, and in some areas, solar panels will require more frequent cleaning.

Maintaining solar panels is very simple, but depending on where they are installed, it may not be very easy. Cleaning rooftop panels can be a daunting thought. A professional can take care of your solar panel maintenance to be sure your roof and solar panels will not suffer damage while they are being maintained. While they are maintaining your solar panels, they can also perform an annual inspection to check that there are no damaged panels or other issues. 


How to Clean Solar Panels

Solar panel cleaning is completed with a soft cloth (like a microfiber cloth), plain water or diluted alcohol, a squeegee, and light detergent if necessary. Clean your solar panels in the morning or evening when they will not be hot. Also, take care not to shock cold panels with hot water. Always consult your particular solar panel maintenance guide to be sure that there aren’t any special instructions.

To safely clean solar panels, follow these steps:

  • Any dust or dirt should be removed with a soft cloth or chamois, and if there is more stubborn material present (like bird droppings), then water and light detergent are used to free these from the solar panel surface. NOTE: Never use a metal scraper, harsh detergent, or a pressure washer to clean your panels. Care should be taken to prevent any scratches on the tempered glass surface.

  • After washing them with lukewarm water, dry or squeegee them, so mineral deposits will not leave streaks on the glass.

Solar panel maintenance will ensure your solar panel performance is as efficient as possible.

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Regular Maintenance

Solar systems don’t require frequent care or maintenance. Other than solar panel cleaning, the other important step to maintain solar panels is an annual inspection.

Annual Inspection

A solar expert will inspect electrical components, check that any moving parts are working correctly, panels are producing energy properly, and that the energy output is what it should be. Solar panels are incredibly durable and maintenance costs for a solar system are usually minor.

Solar Monitoring

Solar panel monitoring systems can help keep an eye on your solar system and identify efficiency issues early on. They also provide insight on energy production and power consumption. Your solar installer can advise you on a monitoring system that will seamlessly integrate with your solar system.