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Solar Installation Consulting is a highly-rated solar company serving Waynesboro, VA and the surrounding areas. We help business and home owners find solar solutions that work perfectly for their property. Virginia’s tax incentives are helping many Virginians go solar and utilize renewable energy from the sun. Check out our services, and call us for a free quote!

Advantages of Solar Installations

Solar panels are an easy way to take advantage of an abundant natural resource and help reduce your electricity bills. By installing solar panels on your roof, or on your land, you’ll reduce your dependence on fossil fuels, create green energy for your building, and with a battery back up you’ll have power even during a blackout. Whether you have a home, commercial building, or open land, we can help create a solar array design that works for you!

Different Ways to Go Solar

Our solar professionals offer different solar power setups. There are grid-tied systems which are setup with a two way net meter. These solar panel systems are a common way for Waynesboro homeowners to enter the solar power arena. By connecting solar panels to the local electricity grid, any excess solar energy produced is sent into the power grid instead of being wasted. And when the panels aren’t sufficient for the power needs, electricity can be drawn from the local utility company. Grid-tied solar systems can also be installed with a battery backup, so that way you’ll have electricity even during power outages.

Off grid solar panel systems utilize high-capacity battery banks to store and provide 24/7 electricity. These systems are ideal for remote cabins, places without an existing power grid, or for property owners who don’t want to pay an electricity bill.

How We Can Help

When you are ready for a free quote, reach out to us! After discussing your power needs, budget, and system preferences we’ll provide you with a free estimate. We are a local solar power company, serving Waynesboro and the entire Central Virginia area. Our solar professionals look forward to hearing from you and providing a free consultation!


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Our Solar Services

Solar Panel Installation

There are several different ways solar panels can be incorporated into your electricity setup. They can be installed on open land, in a rooftop array, as a facade, and much more! Also, they can be either integrated with a battery backup, or connected with the local utility grid. Our solar panel installers are familiar with many types of solar panel setups.

Solar Batteries

Solar batteries are invaluable in providing 24/7 solar power. Since solar power can only be harvested while the sun is shining, high-capacity battery banks allow excess solar energy to be stored from the daytime and used at night, or during emergencies. Solar batteries are usually either lead-acid, or lithium ion, and can be used with both grid-tied and off-grid systems.

Solar Panel Maintenance

Maintaining solar panels is often an easy job, requiring no more than a light wipe down or a wash from the rain. However, it is a good idea to have them inspected every year or so to ensure any moving parts are operating smoothly, the output is what it should be, and all the wires are secure. Solar panels are rugged, and designed to last for many years.

Grid-Tied Solar Systems

A grid-tied solar system with net metering is a great entry point for the average homeowner looking to get into solar. Local solar incentives help lower the cost of solar panel installation, and by using net metering, you could reduce your electricity bill, and maybe even receive credits for sending any excess energy generated into the local utility grid.

Off Grid Solar Systems

For remote houses, or buildings without a local power grid, off-grid solar helps facilitate complete energy independence without reliance on fossil fuels. Off grid solar systems can be combined with other electricity systems like wind-power, and gas generators, or it can be used by itself. Off grid systems use solar panels and battery banks to create and store sustainable energy that can be used 24/7.

Solar Backup Generator

A solar power generator allows for peace of mind that you will never go without power during blackouts. Solar generators are also known as a power station and are a high-capacity, portable, battery backup. They allow you to power essential items during blackouts and can be recharged with solar energy from either rooftop panels or portable, temporary panels.

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